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Posted on: June 30, 2020

Hurricane Season - Safety Tip

Hurricane Season - Safety Tip 

Here are some safety tips to can help our local business community with this year’s Hurricane Season.

Whether open or closed, local businesses are still exposed to the same hazards as the rest of the community, and it pays to be prepared. Just like with residences, steps must be taken prior to an event to repair and strengthen structures and to relocate or brace equipment and other property. Even small proactive measures can result in sparing your business tremendous amounts of damage in case of a disaster.

• Protect your windows and doors against wind-borne debris by installing a shutter system or attaching plywood.
• Evaluate your roof system to make sure it can weather a storm.
• Remove overhanging trees and branches that could fall and damage structures.
• Anchor and brace tall bookcases, filing cabinets, shelves, and racks to wall studs to keep them from falling.
• Relocate valuable equipment and fragile items to safer locations.
• Take important business documents, licenses and insurance documents with you.
• Back up computer files if possible.
• Secure computers and other office equipment to desks, tables or countertops with straps, Velcro or similar materials.
• Secure all appropriate items including water heaters, gas tanks, heaters and other utilities, and raise them to higher locations to avoid water damage.
• Shut off your utilities (electricity, gas, and/or water).
• Update all gas appliances with flexible connections and/or breakaway gas shut-off devices.

Additionally, having a business disaster preparedness plan can reduce the time of recovery and allow your business to more rapidly resume normal operations following a disaster. A business disaster plan should include the following:

• Important business contacts, including utilities, suppliers, accountants and employees;
• Alternate location(s) for your business should relocation be necessary due to damages;
• Important records and documents necessary to business operation;
• Checklists of important steps to take before, during and after a disaster; and
• For additional information please visit Flagler County Emergency Services or go to