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Posted on: July 23, 2020

Lambert Avenue Phase I Drainage Improvement Project - Information

Lambert Avenue Phase I Drainage Improvement Project - Information

Contractor has as of today, (July 23, 2020) begun cleaning out all storm pipes along Lambert Avenue right-of-way commencing at the southeastern corner and working north. Upon their completion of cleaning of the pipes on the eastern side of the street they plan to then begin cleaning all existing storm pipes on the western side, working north to south until finished. They have estimated that this portion of the work should take approximately 2-3 weeks.

Once this work is completed city crews will be internal video televising all of these pipes so that they can then be properly evaluated.

Currently the plan is to then replace all of the existing pipes that are in need of replacement so long as funds are available within the current year’s project budget. If we run short of funds consideration will then be given to completing the remaining pipe replacement next fiscal year.

Swale regarding will then commence from the south end to just prior to 500 Lambert Ave. ( Note: 500 Lambert Ave. is one of the lots excluded from the swale modification see below )

All irrigation heads within 25’ of the existing edge of pavement should be flagged by the residents so that they may be avoided wherever possible.

Sod replacement type shall match existing. Residents should please register your sod preference to the City . Unless your right-of-way area is currently irrigated we would like recommend Argentine Bahia Sod within the right-way swale area.

Some of the residential lots (swales and pipes on 2 - 4 lots) are okay and are not to be disturbed due to their previously following the design plans with their recent lot development. We believe these property owners know who they are. Contractor should double check the records with the design engineer on this now.

Swale grading to progress from north to south on the east side of the street and then immediately following north to south on the west side of the street.

Right- of-way areas to be restored with sod closely following grading operations. All of your patience and understanding is appreciated. All of the mess will be temporary. The final product will hopefully be worth the wait.

Driveway / Pipe construction disruptions – Residents to be given prior notice , Residents may need to make arrangements to park your vehicles at alternate locations for a couple of days to allow concrete to cure and gain strength.

Project Duration - Currently 4 months

Project Contacts -

Design Engineer – John Zemball, P.E., Zahn Engineering, 386-252- 0020

City Project Coordinator – Dave Taylor, 386-986-7158

City Engineer -– Fred Griffith, P.E. 386-517-2000 ext. 243

Additional questions from the residents during the course of this project may be please forwarded to : Fred W. Griffith , P.E. , City Engineer at :

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