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Overview of Fiscal Year 2015-2016 Budget
What Determines Property Taxes?
Property Tax.jpg

Where Does Our City's General Fund Revenue Come From?
Tax Revenue:  Ad valorem, sales, gas, communications, local business tax, state revenue sharing, state and federal grants.

The Ad Valorem Tax Revenue Received for 2016 Amounts to $41 per Month from each City Resident or $493 for the year.

Those Revenues Provide:
  • Emergency Services
  • Code Enforcement
  • Law Enforcement
  • Parks and Paths
  • Streets
  • Library
  • Beach

Millage Rate History
2015 Millage Rate history_thumb.jpg

City Ad Valorem Tax History 2008-2014

City Ad Valorem Tax History


Our City Property Values have been reduced by 50% since 2008.  Throughout those eight (8) years our City has continued to provide the same or more services at either relatively the same or in some years, a  lower amount of Ad Valorem Tax Revenues.  This was accomplished by staff finding ways to do more with the same amount or less revenues.  Just as you at home, our electric bills, gasoline cost, health care, etc. have gone up and up.  Even so, overall your property taxes have not changed.  Our ad valorem receipts are relatively flat.



Ad Valorem Tax History1 .jpg_thumb.png

Exependitures by Function - General Fund
Expenditures by Function_thumb.jpg
Public Safety—(Police, Fire, Victim’s Advocate, Planning, Zoning & Code Enforcement, related Capital) $ 2,257,738
General Government Services—(Legal, Facility & Site Maintenance, Grounds keeping, General Government Functions, related Capital) $ 1, 252,382
Financial & Administrative—$ 385,603 (City Clerk, Finance, Executive)
Culture & Recreation—$ 349,104 (Library, Museum, Beach & Lifeguard Services, Parks & Recreation, Dune Walkovers)
Transportation—$ 248,256
(Roads & Street Maintenance)
Debt Service—(Police Car Purchase Loan) $ 1 1,776

City Wide Budget View
City Wide Budget View 09242015_thumb.jpg

Description of Funds within the Budget

Description of Funds within Budget 

General Fund:  The fund established to account for the Ordinary operation of our City Government that is financed from taxes and other General Revenues.

Enterprise Funds:  Funds established to finance and account for the acquisition, operation and maintenance of government facilities and services that are entirely or predominantly self-supporting by user charges.

Community Redevelopment Agency Fund:  The fund established to account for the dependent special tax district established in 2001 by our City for the purpose of carrying out redevelopment activities that include reducing or eliminating blight, improving the tax base, and encouraged private and public investment in the CRA.