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The Economic Development Task Force consists of eleven voting members and three ex-officio members. 

Term Expiration
Member 1
James BangeTerm Expires - 4/30/2024
Member 2
Michael AkialisTerm Expires - 4/30/2024
Member 3
Jeff DaviesTerm Expires - 4/30/2024
Member 4
Jacquelyn RectorTerm Expires - 4/30/2024
Member 5
VacantTerm Expires - 10/09/2024
Member 6
John HoranTerm Expires - 10/09/2024
Member 7
Daryl ReynoldsTerm Expires - 10/09/2024
Member 8
VacantTerm Expires - 12/08/2024
Member 9
Bill ClarkTerm Expires - 12/08/2024
Member 10
James KellingTerm Expires - 12/08/2024
Member 11
Angela SmithTerm Expires - 12/08/2024
Ex-Officio Member
Flagler Beach Commission
Commissioner Rick Belhumeur
Term Expires - 3/2024
Ex-Officio Member
City Manager

Ex-Officio Member
Flagler County Economic Development Manager
Interim City Manager Mike Abels

Dolores Key
Term Expires - 3/2024

Term Expires - 3/2024


The Economic Development Task Force's primary purpose is to provide assistance and recommendations to the City Commission regarding methods for economic and business climate improvements.