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Posted on: March 21, 2022

City of Flagler Beach Citywide Meter Replacement Notice to Residents

City of Flagler Beach Citywide Meter Replacement Notice to Residents

This notice is to inform you, the residents of the City of Flagler Beach, of a Citywide Meter Replacement that will take place starting the first week of April, and should be completed within a 90 day period. You will receive a mailed postcard the week of 3/28/2022 from National Meters Services, Inc. explaining the installation details. All installers will be in uniforms with badges and clearly identifiable. There is no reason to be home at the time of installation.

Should you have any questions, please call 386-517-2000 ext. 221.

Mailed postcard message

Meter Post Card

Meter Replacement FAQ 

1. Why is my water meter being replaced? Water meters and their registers often lose accuracy as they age. Therefore, they must be replaced every 10 to 15 years. 

2. Where is my water meter located? Most water meters are located in front of your house near the property line and the street, or in an easement area of your property. 

3. What exactly will be installed at my property? Your existing water meter will be replaced with a new water meter. 

4. Does my meter have to be exchanged? Yes. The new meter is required for future billing. 

5. How much will the meter cost me? There is no charge to individual customers for the meter replacement. 

6. Do installers need to come inside my house? No, the water meter is located outside of the house. 

7. What will the installers do? Installers will remove the old meter and install the new meter then clean up the area, if needed. 

8. Do I have to be present for the installation? No. A notice will be left at your home that the meter was upgraded with additional line flushing instructions. The notice will have National Metering Services, Inc. contact information on it.

9. Who will install the new meter? An employee of National Metering Services, Inc. will install the meters, they will have highly identifiable marked vehicles and employee identification badges. 

Meter Company

10. When will the new water meter be installed? Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Installations will be completed in reading routes in effort not to interfere with ongoing meter reading and billing.

11. How long does it take to install the meter? A typical residential installation will take less than 30 minutes, depending on how easily it is to access your water meter. 

12. Will my water service be interrupted during the installation? The installer will turn off the water on either side of your old water meter during the installation. A typical installation should take less than 30 minutes and the water will be turned back on when completed. In some cases, other repairs may be necessary, resulting in a longer interruption of service. Once water service is restored, the installer will attempt to purge any air trapped in the service line. If some air is left in the line, you may notice a sputtering sound the first time you operate a fixture. This should only last a few seconds and will not cause any harm. The first few gallons of water may be discolored. You can remove any additional trapped air in your line by running cold water from the furthest faucet from the water meter. Reference your notice left by NMS for additional line flushing instructions.

13. How will this affect my service? There will be interruption of service for several minutes during the water meter replacement. 

14. Does this mean my water bill will be increasing? Not necessarily. In some cases, your bill may increase, but only if your current water meter is under registering usage. 

15. How is this meter replacement being funded? Through current funds set aside in the Capital Improvement Plan. 

16. What if we have a leak after the meter is installed? The installers will make every effort to dispatch personnel as quickly as possible to determine the cause of the leak and to take appropriate action. If there are any concerns or emergencies regarding the meter replacement call the City of Flagler Beach at (000)000-0000.

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