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Posted on: October 5, 2022

Hurricane Ian Preliminary Damage Estimates

Late yesterday evening, the City of Flagler Beach received its initial preliminary report , which was completed by Mott MacDonald, our contracted engineering team. The initial report outlined the damage assessment of our City, for purposes of FEMA re-imbursement. While we’re truly blessed that no lives were lost in our community as a result of Hurricane Ian, our City did receive extensive damages, which are outlined below.  Please understand that these are preliminary estimates related to cost, and the dollar amounts may change, as additional inspections are conducted. 

  • Pier:  Pre-IAN, our City Pier was 686 feet in length.  Post-storm inspection the Pier is now 524 in length. Therefore,  162 feet of the Pier was lost in the storm.
  • Pier:  There is extensive structural damage to the Pier, and a dive team will be engaged under an emergency contract to assess what we cannot see from the surface. This is critical to public safety and risk assessment.
  • Pier:  As of October 4th, approximately 401 feet (of the Pier) appears to be useable; leaving approximately 123 feet that may have to be closed off and/or demolished.
  • Pier:  The initial estimate to stabilize/repair the Pier is $650,000.
  • Dune Walkovers:  The City owns 52 Dune Walkovers, and there are currently only 13 that are open.  39 City Dune Walkovers received severe damage, which required them to be closed for use by the public.
  • Dune Walkovers:  A list of the City’s Dune Walkovers that are closed are listed on our City’s website; 
  • Dune Walkovers:  The estimated costs to repair the damaged walkovers is approximately $1.12 million dollars.
  • City Facilities:  There is heavy damage to several buildings owned by the City, to include but not limited to the Library, Public Works.  The initial estimated cost to repair damaged City facilities is $112,000.


There is no current timetable for immediate repairs to any of the above damaged City owner property, and additional inspections are expected to continue in the next couple of weeks.  The City of Flagler Beach will do it’s due diligence in order to properly inspect and document the damages to any/all City property.  We respectfully request that our community exercise patience and understanding as we follow the steps necessary to ensure public safety, while also following the proper protocols necessary for reimbursement to damaged City property whenever and wherever applicable. 


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