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Dog Friendly Dining Permit Application


  1. 1. Permit Information
  2. 2. Contact Information
  3. 3. Regulations Acceptance
  • Permit Information

    1. Pursuant to Chapter 509, Florida Statues, any public food service establishment allowing entrance of patron’s dogs to an outside dining area must submit a permit application to the local governing authority.
    2. Submittal Requirements
      • Application Fee: $100
      • Completed Application
      • Description of the designated outdoor area available for patron’s dogs, including:
        • Diagram of designated outdoor area drawn to scale
        • Dimensions
        • Fences and other barriers
        • Ingress and egress to designated outdoor area and other outdoor areas not available to dogs
        • Number of tables
        • Placement of tables, chairs, and other restaurant equipment
        • Sample of proposed signage for designated outdoor area
        • Surrounding property lines, public rights of ways, sidewalks, and common pathways
      • Permit Fee: $150